Demo | Junior lessons | 1. I love music! (Beginner & Elementary)

Chloe’s b-day

pic2_Demo_Beg & Elem_Music

1.1 Read and answer the questions.

Hey guys!!!

This is my b-day tomorrow!

Everything is great but I have a big problem.

I have invited three friends from the last journey to Egypt, and as you remember they are all so different!

I don’t know what music playlist I can make, because they listen to absolutely different styles. And today I want to show you what type of music I like listening to. Enjoy my video, write what style of music you think it is and don’t forget your THUMBS UP! 🙂

1.2 Forum

1. When is Jules’s b-day?
2. How many friends has she invited?
3. Are they similar or different?
4. What problem does Jules have?
5. What does she ask her subscribers to do?

2.1 Watch the video and choose the style Jules likes.


Did you know?

R&B (or R’n’B) is the short form of rhythm and blues. It was invented in America in the 1940s.

Friends’ tastes

1.1 Make full sentences about Jules’s friends.

Demo_Beg & Elem_Music


Jules is American.

She enjoys R&B music.

She hates rock music.

pic5_Demo_Beg & Elem_Music

2.1 Forum

1. What music does your best friend enjoy/hate?
2. Do your parents listen to your music too? What do they like?
3. How would you name your music band? a) What music style would you play? b) Do you know the story of this music style?

Music history

pic6_Demo_Beg & Elem_Music

1.1 Read the article and mark the sentences as True or False.


2.1 Forum

  • What type of music do you think Jules will choose for her b-day party?


pic7_Demo_Beg & Elem_Music

1.1 Watch the clip and complete the sentence about you.


1.2 Listen to the part of the song and complete the lyrics with the words.

Avicii — Wake me up

2.1 Forum

  • Do you think music styles can say something about our personalities?
  • Do you want to know what your music says about you?

Do the test

pic8_Demo_Beg & Elem_Music

1.1 Read the instructions

1.2 Quiz: What music says about me.

What I can do

pic9_Demo_Beg & Elem_Music

1.1 Tick the things you can do.

Next time I will

2.1 Watch the video and choose the correct option.