Demo| Junior lessons | 2. My ideal menu (Pre-Intermediate)

A challenge


1.1 Read the instruction and do what it says.


1. Pick any three pictures.
2. Write the names of the things.
3. Guess what you are going to do with these three things next.


Write the name of this ingredient:

Tony and Gabriela


1.1 Look at the picture. Guess whose the breakfast are.

1.2 Forum

1. What do you think of the breakfasts? Are they healthy/tasty?
2. Which one is more similar to your breakfast?

1.3 Read the messages and check your guesses.

Tony: Hey, how are you, Gaby?

Gabriela: Oh, I feel not very well, really …

Tony: What’s the problem?

Gabriela: It’s like … I have no energy, and my skin is not very good.

Tony: I’m telling you, it’s your diet! You should change it.

Gabriela: And start having those boring healthy meals, like you? No way! I won’t give away my chocolates and my pizza!

Tony: Well, healthy food can be fun! I can give you some recommendations …

What’s for breakfast?

1.1 Guess what food Tony chooses for breakfast.


  • I think he likes the food which is/tastes …
  • I don’t think he likes the food which is/tastes …

2.1 Watch the video and answer the questions.

1. What is Tony going to have for breakfast?
2. How can you describe his breakfast?
3. Is it a typical US breakfast? What do you think people usually have forbreakfast in the USA?
4. Do you eat any of the things for your breakfast?

3.1 What do you know about the typical American breakfast? Watch and check.

A healthier breakfast

1.1 Look at the things Gaby eats for breakfast, divide them into the categories.


Gaby: Tony, here is the list of things I have for breakfast. Which should I leave?


2.1 A typical Italian breakfast is usually some pastry and coffee. Something like that:

3.1 Talk about the principles of a healthy breakfast.

Useful words:

Useful language

  • Eat more …
  • Eat less …
  • Think about adding …
  • Add some … to your breakfast.
  • Sometimes …


Eat more nutritious things for breakfast. Think about adding some …

4.1 Watch the children trying breakfasts from Asia and Finland.

Gaby’s favourite dish

1.1 Watch the video and choose if the sentences are True or False.

Gaby: There is one dish I will never stop eating …


2.1 Read the rules and play the guessing game.


1. Think about your favorite dish.
2. Do not tell your teacher what the dish is.
3. Your teacher asks you only 5 yes/no questions and tries to guess the dish.
4. Now change parts and guess the teacher’s favourite dish.

Useful language

  • Does it taste delicious / spicy / hot / sweet ?
  • Is it easy / hard to cook?
  • Are there any … in the dish?
  • Do you cook it with … ?
  • Do you add … ?
  • Is it popular in … / with … ?

An ideal pizza for you


1.1 Read the instructions.

1.2 Quiz: What my ideal pizza is.

What does Tony eat for dinner?

1.1 Watch the video and tick the things Tony has for dinner.

2.1 Talk about your dinner.


  • what you usually eat;
  • how you prepare the food;
  • what your favourite cafes are;
  • what you would like to change about your dinner.

An ideal menu

1.1 Choose one option which is more important for you.


1.2 Turn over the menu card and find out about your ideal menu.

Which menu to choose?

  • If you have more first options, choose Menu 1.
  • If you have more second options, choose Menu 2.



What I can do

pic9_Demo_Beg & Elem_Music

1.1 Match the parts to make the questions.

1.2 Tick the things you can do.