Demo | Junior lessons | 3. Cartoon factory (Beginner & Elementary)

Animation studios

pic1_Demo_Beg & Elem_Cartoon


1.1 Match the words with the picture numbers.

pic2_Demo_Beg & Elem_Cartoon

Popular styles

1.1 Choose the types of the cartoons and do the task.

Read the information and answer the questions.

pic3_Demo_Beg & Elem_Cartoon

A stop frame is an animation movement or, as it is now very popular to call these types of cartoons, doodles. Using this technique, animation occurs around one object or word. Also you need to prepare a script to show what each picture is about.

pic4_Demo_Beg & Elem

Classic 2D animation is also known as hand-drawn animation. In this animation creation technique, you have to use 12 drawings on paper for one second in the movie so that you can feel the movement. And the best animation is one that is created from 24 pictures in 1 second. The more pictures will be drawn the smoother will be the transitions between frames, that is almost like in life. In digital 2D animation, animators draw directly in the programme using a mouse or a tablet. This method is used very often on TV series and in web animations.

1. What is the difference between doodles and simple cartoons?
2. Is this type of cartoons popular in your country?
3. Would it be difficult for you to make such a cartoon? Why?

1.2 Read the information and watch the video. Then answer the questions.

pic5_Demo_Beg & Elem_Cartoon

3D animation is the most difficult way of animating, but if you learn to do this, you will have a lot of opportunities to create masterpieces that will be remembered for a year. For such an animation it will be necessary to prepare 3D models, then add a texture and match to their skeleton, and then put it everything in the virtual space.


1.3 Watch the video and do the quiz.


1.4 Watch the video and answer the questions.

1. What is the process of creating 3D animated cartoon?
2. Why is it the most difficult?
3. Do you like this cartoon? Why?

2.1 Answer the questions.

1. How many drawings do you need to use for a one-second movie?
2. How many drawing are there in the best animation?
3. Why do you need so many drawings?
4. What is the difference between classic and digital animation?

Which is yours?

pic6_Demo_Beg & Elem_Cartoon


1.1 Match the cartoon styles with the picture numbers.

1.2 Forum

  • What is your favourite cartoon style?
  • What style do you think is the most popular now?
  • Where are these styles popular?
  • Do you like anime? Why? Why not?
  • Can you imagine anime people in real life?

1.3 Let’s watch a video and have some fun.


1.1 Choose the cartoon name and describe your favourite characters’ appearance and personality.

Creative process

1.1 Watch the video. Order the steps of making a cartoon and answer the questions.

A cartoon making steps:

  • The script.
  • The animation.
  • The voices.

1.2 Forum

1. What is there in the script?
2. What does animator create first, characters or environment?
3. What should you do to play the characters with your voice?
4. What is a pitch?
5. Would you like to play any characters? Why? Why not?

2.1 Tell a short plot of the cartoon using the sentences.

pic7_Demo_Beg & Elem_Cartoon

This cartoon is Moana

A brave teenager has a mission to ___. During her journey, Moana meets ___, who helps her in her ___. Together, they sail across ___, meeting a lot of ___. At the end, Moana finishes ___ and discovers her ___.

Animation process

1.1 Watch the video and choose the correct option.

First of all animators make pictures of all 1. They need to draw their 2. To make it easier animators put the papers 3. Also they need to make an 4. At the end they scan characters and environment into the 5 and make 3D animation.


2.1 Watch the video and choose an option about you.

Voices behind

1.1 Watch the video and put the names in the correct place.

pic10_Demo_Beg & Elem_Music

1.2 Discuss the questions.

1. Is Auli’i Cravalho similar to Moana? What is similar?
2. What is common for Dwayne Johnson and Maui?
3. How did Auli’i and Dwayne play their characters in your opinion?
4. How do animators make sounds in modern cartoons?
5. How do you think people made sounds 100 years ago?

2.1 Watch the video and match the sounds with the ways they were made.


Match the sounds with the ways they were made.

Do a quiz

pic11_Demo_Beg & Elem_Cartoon

1.1 Read the instructions.


1.2 Quiz: Which cartoon character are you?

Now I can

pic9_Demo_Beg & Elem_Music

1.1 Match the parts to make the interview questions.


Match the parts

1.2 Tick the things you can do now.