Demo| Junior lessons | 3. Create an animated film! (Intermediate&Upper-Intermediate)

Boost your creativity!

1.1 Read the rules and play the game.


  • Choose three types of cards: first — with fruit, second — with a vegetable, third — with a dessert.
  • You will see the numbers on the cards.
  • Go to the second table and find a hero, a place and a genre.
  • While the music plays, think of an idea of a new film that will connect the three elements: the hero, the place, and the genre.


A bright-yellow rabbit decided to go to the construction store to buy some paint and change its colour into white.

Play the track while you think over the plot.

Create a cartoon!


1.1 Read the advertisement.

Create your cartoon!

Do you like drawing? Is your imagination full of ideas?

Pixar Studio presents a wonderful opportunity for those who are into animation. Send us your ideas and win the trip to one of the most famous animated studios in the world!

You have to:

— choose the style of your animated film;
— create a hero;
— tell us what the storyline is.

Send your scripts and drawings to our email

1.2 Read the profiles and complete the table about the young people’s preferences.


Kim Hyun-joong, 33

Country: Korea

Like: anime

Hate: computer animation



Ashley Johnson, 17

Country: the USA

Like: stories about superheroes, comics

Hate: Disney cartoons



Peter Hoffman, 16

Country: the Netherlands

Like: animated films, 3D graphics

Hate: black-and-white, alternative animation


Kim Hyun-joong’s favorite style

1.1 Watch the video and complete sentences.


Anime is a specific style which is different from any other types of cartoons. Watch the video I’ve prepared for you!

Kim Hyun-joong





2.1 Discuss the questions with the teacher.

  • What styles of animation do you like? Why?
  • Which types and styles of cartoons are popular in your country? Are there any specific styles of animation created in your country?
  • Rate how important these things are for you when you choose a cartoon:

Choose the style

1.1 Choose the style of graphics.



If I created a cartoon, I would make it for … because …

1.2 Choose the general atmosphere.



The general atmosphere would be …

1.3 Choose the setting.



I think the best setting for my cartoon would be … because …

1.4 Choose the time period.



I would set my cartoon in the future, because I could …

2.1 Watch the video of one of the heroes. Whose draft is it?

Ashley likes superheroes

1.1 Watch the video and tick the properties of a superhero Ashley mentions.


Create a unique character for your cartoon — it will be a success. I really like cartoons about superheroes! I have even made a project to show why I like them.



2.1 Look at the profiles of famous superheroes and compare them.



Powers, properties: Genius intellect; a lot of money.

Equipment: All kinds of super-cool stuff, like Batmobile, different weapons.

Weakness: Humanity; problems trusting people.



Powers, properties: Can cling to surfaces, has superhuman strength.

Equipment: A web that comes from his body.

Weakness: No tall buildings; cold weather.



Powers, properties: An incredible level of physical strength.

Equipment: No special equipment.

Weakness: His strength increases with his level of emotions.

  • Who is the strongest/the weakest?
  • Whose powers are the most/least incredible?
  • Whose weaknesses are the most serious?

3.1 Think of the two powers you would choose if you were a superhero. Explain your choice.

Create a hero

1.1 Choose the main character of your cartoon and do the task.

Complete the profile, imagine your hero and talk about it.


Superpowers or unusual abilities: _____
Equipment and clothes: _____
Weaknesses: _____


The name of my hero would be … She/He would live in … As for the powers, he/she would …

Do the quiz

1.1 Read the instruction.

1. Click on the link in the task 1.2 and do the quiz.

Перейди по ссылке в задании 1.2 и выполни тест.

2. Click on the result and copy the text (ctrl+C).

Выдели и скопируй текст результата (ctrl+C).

3. Click on a «plus» button above the text.

Нажми на «плюс» над результатом.

4. Choose the option «Share Vk».

Выбери опцию «Поделиться Vk».

5. Paste (ctrl+V) the text of your result in the comment section.

Вставь текст своего результата в комментарий.

1.2 Quiz: What cartoon character would you be?

Peter’s discoveries

1.1 Watch the video and complete the table.


When you choose the style of animation, remember that every detail is important. Look at the differences that I found in the same cartoons!


2.1 Forum

  • Why do you think it’s important to make these changes in different countries?
  • Do you know any other examples like these?

What I can do

pic9_Demo_Beg & Elem_Music

1.1 Match the parts to make the interview questions.

1.2 Tick the things you can do.