Demo| Junior lessons | 4. Young inventors (Pre-Intermediate)

An invention or a fake?

1.1 Watch the commercial and guess if the device is real or fake.


I want to take part in it!

1.1 Read the message from Ann and the advertisement and answer the questions.


My name is Ann Makosinski, and I’m from Canada.

I like science.

I have been creating new gadgets since the age of 6.

I have even won the awards for some of them!

As you have probably guessed, I want to become a scientist in the future.

Recently, I have found out some information about a scientific event I would like to take part in …

  • What are Ann’s main interests?
  • Has she already achieved anything?
  • What is her ambition?
  • Who is the TeenTech Festival for?
  • Are there any similar festivals in your country?
  • Would you like to take part in the festival? Why/why not?


Are you an innovator? Do you have an idea which could make life easier, simpler or better? The TeenTech Festival is for the studentsfrom 14 to 20 from different countries.

There will be a prize to the winner and the opportunity to take any course at the TeenTech City — one of the top European schools of innovation and technologies.

About Teentech

1.1 Watch the video about TeenTech and match the parts of the sentences to each other.


2.1 Choose a course to recommend Ann. Think which course you would choose for yourself.


If I become the winner at the science festival, I will be able to study one of the courses at the TeenTech City. Which do you think I should choose?


I think she/I should try … because …It’s a good idea to …The course of … won’t be useful for Ann/me because …

3.1 Forum

  • Why are these fields important for future specialists?
  • Which subjects do you think should be necessary to study for all schoolchildren?

The ideas from Japan


1.1 Read Ann’s message and do the task she offers.

For inspiration, I turned to the inventions from Japan and asked my friends who like science to send me the presentations of the latest inventions.

Let’s play. Have a look at the presentation and:

  • guess what the invention is used for;
  • tick the criteria you think it fits.


2.1 Watch the video, make your guess about the invention and tick the criteria.

Invention 1

Invention 2

Invention 3


3.1 Forum

  • Which of the inventions did you like the most? Why?

Which is described?

1.1 Read the description and choose the invention which is described.


2.1 Forum

  • How many of your guesses were correct?
  • Which device do you think is the most/the least useful?

3.1 Choose the best present for a person and tell the person about the present.

Your idea!

1.1 Read the rules and get ready to invent something.

1. Choose the field.


I would like to invent something in the field Share.

2. Choose the age category.


The device can be used by …

3. Choose the main aim.


The main aim of the invention is …

2.1 Imagine the design of your invention and explain how it works.

  • The device is called _____.
  • It is made of _____.
  • It can be used for _____.
  • It is created for _____.
  • It works with the help of _____.


Check that your invention fits all the criteria.

Ann’s invention


I really liked your invention! Check out what I am going to present at the TeenTech Festival.

I hope you’ll like my device, too!


1.1 Watch the video and choose the correct options.


1.2 Tick the criteria Ann’s invention fits.

Quiz: An ideal robot for you


1.1 Read the instructions.

1. Click on the link in the task 1.2 and do the quiz.

Перейди по ссылке во втором задании и выполни тест.

2. Click on the result and copy the text (ctrl+C).

Выдели и скопируй текст результата (ctrl+C).


3. Click on a «plus» button above the text.

Нажми на «плюс» над результатом.


4. Choose the option «Share Vk».

Выбери опцию «Поделиться Vk».


5. Paste (ctrl+V) the text of your result in the comment section.

Вставь текст своего результата в комментарий.


1.2 Quiz: An ideal robot for me.

What I can do

pic9_Demo_Beg & Elem_Music

1.1 Match the parts to make the interview questions.

1.2 Tick the things you can do.