GE | B|| 10 What are these?

School marks

How are things at school?



Watch the video and answer the question below

Why is the girl happy?


Guess the people’s country and nationality

Johnny Depp is from the USA. He’s American.

Useful language

  • I think
  • Maybe
  • I’m sure


Johnny Depp


Hugh Jackman

Antonio Banderas


Daniel Radcliffe

Cristiano Ronaldo


Lionel Messi


Jackie Chan


Monica Bellucci


Justin Bieber

What are those?


Listen and read. Choose the correct words

English everyday


Read the situation and react. Use the words from the list

Useful language list

  • Really?
  • Here!
  • Brilliant!
  • But … why?
  • Oh, no!


You’ve got a new iphone for your birthday.


You broke your new mobile phone.


You give a book to your friend.


You’ve got an excellent mark for your exam.


Your mom says: «We’re going to the sea.»


Yesterday you studied well. Today you’ve got a bad mark for homework.

Megan’s birthday presents


Click on the pictures and study new words

Read the dialogue again and decide which of the things are Megan’s presents

Megan | Mark | Anna

M: Hello, you two. What are those?
M: Hi, Megan. These are for you.
M: Really?
A: Yes, they’re presents, silly! Here!
M: Thanks! What’s this? Is it a book?
A: No, it isn’t.
M: Oh, it’s a diary! Diaries are great!
M: Here’s my present, Megan.
M: It’s a dance CD! Brilliant! Thank you, Mark!
A: And this is a little cake.
M: It’s so cute! Thanks! But why?
M: Because it’s your birthday today!
M: Er no, it isn’t! My birthday is next week!
A: Oh, no!

What’s in your bag?


Match the words with the pictures

Read the rules

Read the grammar rules



Regular plurals

We add -s to most nouns to form the plural.

tree → trees, ship → ships, flower → flowers, cat → cats, shell → shells

Here are some more regular spelling rules:

Add -es to nouns ending in -s, -ss, -sh, -ch, -x, and -o.
bus buses
dress dresses
box boxes
potato potatoes
Add just -s to nouns ending in vowel + -y.
key keys
toy toys
Change -y to -ies in nouns ending in consonant +-y.
pony ponies
family families
Change -fe, -f to -ves.
wife wives
shelf shelves

Look at the pictures and complete

This or that?

Read the grammar rules


Near Not near
Singular this that
Plural these those

We use this and these to talk about things near to us.

This is my brother. (He is near you.)
These books are very old. (The books are near.)

We use that and those to talk about things not near to us.

That is my brother. (He isn’t near you.)
Those apples are nice. (The apples aren’t near.)

Look at the pictures and mark the correct words in bold

What’s in the box?


Look at the pictures. Ask and answer


It’s near you.

1 — What’s this?
— It’s an address book.


It isn’t near you.

1 — What are those?
— They are watches.

This is my class


Write about your class

This is a picture of your class. Send the picture to your new friend and tell about it.
Use the clues below:

  • This is / That is
  • These are / Those are


1. book 3. friend 5. teacher 7. my 9. clock
2. bag 4. student 6. class 8. apple 10. computer


Tick the things that you have learnt today


1. address book 3. bag 5. cake 7. diary 9. ice-cream 11. orange 13. umbrella
2. apple 4. book 6. CD 8. eraser 10. mp3 player 12. strawberry 14. watch

Useful language

  • Really?
  • Here!
  • Brilliant!
  • But … why?
  • Oh, no!