GE | B|| 14 PE. Booking a hotel

School marks

How are things at school?



Guess the country by the picture




Click on the pictures and say the words

Practise the words


Match the words with the pictures

Choose the correct word


Look at the picture and answer the questions


1. What is it ?
2. Do you know this web-site?
3. What can you do there ?
4. Have you used it?
5. How do you book a hotel?

Watch the video and choose the correct answer


Put the steps in the correct order. Watch the video to check

Enter the city in the destination box.

Let’s book a hotel


Read and do the tasks


1. Find a hotel in Paris from December, 25 to January, 07. One room for 2 adults. Find the cheapest hotel .
2. Find a hotel in Moscow from April, 1 to April, 10. Two rooms for 2 adults and 2 children . Choose the location in the centre.
3. Find customers’ comments for the most expensive hotel in San Francisco from June, 15 to June 30. One room for 1 adult.

Your next trip


Book a hotel for your trip

1. Where do you want to go to on holiday?
2. Which country/city?
3. Who do you want to go with?
4. Book a hotel there ?


Now you can:

1. book a hotel on an English website;
2. understand videos about booking hotels.


1. destination 4. price 7. customer 10. enter 13. choose 16. then
2. check-in 5. map 8. check in 11. click 14. firstly 17. next
3. check-out 6. location 9. check out 12. review 15. secondly 18. finally