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School marks

How are things at school?



Tell about the people’s relations


Susan — Betty
Susan is Betty’s sister.
Robie and Jane — Meggy
Robie and Jane are Meggy’s parents.

1. Robie — Kim
2. Greg — Sally
3. Betty — Robie
4. George — Kim
5. George — Dan
6. Ben — Sally
7. Meggy — Jane
8. Maria — Kim
9. Kim — Susan
10. Ben and Maria — Sally
11. Bonny — George
12. Kim — Meggy
13. Dan — Sally



Watch the video and answer the questions

1/ What is the video about?
2/ What’s in the picture?
3/ Where can we see it?
4/ What information can we see there?

Dance club is on Thursday


Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions

1) What are the people’s names?
2) Where are they?
3) Who’s the woman?

What’s your first name?


Listen again and complete the dialogue

M — Miss Khan | A — Anna | M — Megan

M: Good , Anna!

A: Good morning, Miss Khan! This is my . She's here for Dance Club.

M: Great. What's your first ?

M: It's Megan.

M: What's your surname, Megan?

M: It's "Cheung".

M: Can you spell ?

M: C-H-E-U-N-G.

M: And what's address?

M: It's , Maple Lane.

M: What's your phone number, Megan?

M: It's .

M: Great. Dance Club is every Thursday at o'clock.

M: OK. Thanks, Miss Khan!


His name is William Taylor

Match the questions with the answers

Name: Will
Surname: Taylor
Phone No: 369087
Address: 48, Park Street

Lisa’s membership card

Read the membership card and answer the questions


Swimming Club

Name: Lisa Harris
Age: 11
Address: 51, Green Street, Cambridge
Phone: 450 6192
Swimming Club is at ten o’clock on Sundays.

Drag and drop words

Capital letters

Read the writing tip and correct the membership card


Name: Mary

Complete the membership card with personal information and tell about yourself

So many clubs


Click on three buttons and tell about the people


Name: Jack
Surname: Newman
Age: 15
Address: 20, Black Road Street
Phone: 569 2148
Day: Monday
Time: 3 o’clock


Name: Alice
Surname: Jonson
Age: 13
Address: 68, Apple Street
Phone: 297 2688
Day: Tuesday
Time: 7 o’clock


Name: Harry
Surname: Mason
Age: 11
Address: 75, Canada Street
Phone: 328 4918
Day: Wednesday
Time: 2 o’clock


Name: Katy
Surname: Sarandon
Age: 16
Address: 11, Newshire Street
Phone: 198 3274
Day: Thursday
Time: 5 o’clock


Name: Dakota
Surname: Brown
Age: 14
Address: 33, Jackson Street
Phone: 172 9513
Day: Friday
Time: 6 o’clock


Name: Bruce
Surname: Colman
Age: 17
Address: 95, Peach Street
Phone: 176 4569
Day: Saturday
Time: 2 o’clock


Name: Duke
Surname: Amish
Age: 13
Address: 55, Back Road Street
Phone: 482 6149
Day: Sunday
Time: 5 o’clock


Name: Sarah
Surname: Daniels
Age: 12
Address: 78, Mail Street
Phone: 178 6559
Day: Thursday
Time: 1 o’clock


Name: Daren
Surname: Dankon
Age: 15
Address: 93, Jack Street
Phone: 132 8864
Day: Tuesday
Time: 4 o’clock

Applying for a school club


Write some information about yourself to send and apply to a school club

You are going to join a new school club. They need some information about you to fill in your profile and make a membership card. Write a short presentation about yourself to send it to the club.


Tick the things you’ve learnt today


1. membership card 4. name 7. What is your name? 10. What’s your phone number?
2. first name 5. address 8. What’s your surname? 11. Can you spell that?
3. surname 6. phone number 9. What’s your address?

Useful language

  • a school club