GE | B|| 5 It is a big British family

School marks

How are things at school?



Put the words in the correct order to make questions. Then answer them

Lesson 4 revision

Look at the membership cards and tell about the children


Reading Club

Jamie Mason
26, Brooklin Road
864 35189
4 p.m.


Tennis Club

Anna Johnson
55, Jaden Street
169 74354
5 p.m.

The UK


Match the countries with the cities

The UK families

Listen and match the names with the pictures


1. big 3. funny 5. only child
2. child 4. naughty 6. small

New words

Match the words with the pictures

Complete the sentences with the correct words

My family is big

Listen, read and complete with the correct family words


Hi, I’m Alison and I’m eleven. I’m from Lisburn in Northern Ireland. My family is very big. He’s my grandfather and she’s my grandma. And that’s my mum and dad. Here are my sisters, Liz and Molly. Molly is really funny!
Alison, Lisburn

Hi, I’m Ali and I’m nine. I’m from Glasgow in Scotland.This is my family. That’s my mum and dad. I’m an only child. My family is small. But my cousins Yasmin and Hassan are in Glasgow, too — that’s cool!
Ali, Glasgow

Hi, I’m Steven and I’m ten. I’m from Bangor in Wales. This is my family. That’s me with my mum and my two brothers, Darren and Kurt. Darren is four and Kurt is six months old.
Steven, Bangor


Hi, I’m Jenny and I’m eleven. l’m from Colchester in England. My family is big! That’s my mum and dad, my grandfather and grandmother, and my brother and my sister — Sarah and James. Sarah is ten and my brother is seven years old. He’s naughty!
Jenny, Colchester

Example: Liz is my sister.

Write the correct negative forms of «to be»

Example: Liz / my mother. — Liz isn’t my mother.

Michelle’s family

Listen to Michelle and label her family tree with the correct names

Listen again and complete the correct ages

Chiara from Milan


Read and choose True or False

My family

Hi! I’m Chiara and I’m eleven years old. I’m from Milan in Italy and this is my family.
This is my mum and dad, my brother and me, and my grandmother and grandfather. My grandmother is sixty-one years old. Her name is Luisa. My grandfather is sixty-eight. His name is Enzio. My brother is nine and he’s very naughty. His name’s Stefano.
My family isn’t big but we’re happy!

Your family

Imagine this is your family. Look at the picture and tell about it

1. Say Hello.
2. Introduce yourself.
3. Say your age.
3. Say where you are from.
5. Introduce each person in your family and say their age.

What you can do


Now you can:

1. talk about your family;
2. understand audios better;
3. read and understand texts better.