GE | B|| U1|1 I am Amy. I am 11.


pic1_GE | B|| U1|1

Match the questions with the answers

What’s your name? — My name’s…

Meeting new friends

pic2_GE | B|| U1|1

1.1 Listen and read. Choose the correct words.

Anna | Will | Mark | Megan

1.2 Match the names with the photos.

Words to pictures

I am and My

1.1 Listen again and complete the sentences from the dialogue

Check the rule

Read the grammar rules

pic4_GE | B|| U1|1

Verb to be: positive

I am ten years old.

(I‘m ten years old)

You are happy.
(You ‘re happy.)

Verb to be: negative


I am not happy.
(I ‘m not happy.)


You are not old.
(You ‘re not old. / You aren’t old.)

Verb to be: questions and answers


Are you sad?
Yes, I am.

Possessive determiners: my and your

I — My
You — Your

Hi! My name’s Bill. This is my dog. My dog’s big. I love my dog.
What’s your name?
Tell me about your pet.

1.1 Put the words in the correct order

Amy meets Will



1.1 Complete the dialogue. Then listen and check.

A — Amy | W — Will

Time to meet new friends


1.1 Order the sentences to make a dialogue. Then act out the dialogue

You are new at Moscow High School №1032. You bump into a new student in the corridor.

— Sorry! Are you OK?

What number is he?


1.1 Look at the pictures and match the numbers with the sentences

Words to gaps

Say it together

1.1 Listen and repeat. Then count to a hundred in fives

1.2 Match the words with the numbers

From 0 to 10

1.1 Listen and match the numbers in order your hear them

Words to pictures

From 11 to 20

1.1 Match the numbers with the words


11 — eleven

1.2 Listen and write the numbers from the first exercise in words


From 21 to 100


1.1 Listen and match the halves of football tickets.

Will, Mark, Anna, Amy and Megan are at a football match. Help them to find their seats.


Who are you?

1.1 Choose a picture. Then ask and answer

— How old are you?
— I’m thirty-three.
— Are you Steve?
— Yes, I am.

A message to my friend


1.1 Read the message and write a reply

Hi! How are you? My name’s Mark. I’m at Hampshire High School. I’m in class 6C. I’m twelve. What’s your name?

What I can do


Tick the things you’ve learnt today



Useful language

  • Sorry!
  • Are you OK?
  • No problem!
  • Hi!
  • Hello!
  • Great!
  • See you soon.
  • Bye!
  • Goodbye!