GE|Pre-Int||1. Your life

School marks

How are things at school?



Watch the video, answer the questions

1. What does the episode show?
2. What time do you wake up on weekdays? Do you get up as soon as you wake up?
3. What do you do right after you get up?
4. When do you check your messages and personal accounts?
5. How long does it take you to get ready for school?

Everyday life

Match the parts with each other to get complete expressions


Complete the gaps with the verbs to make collocations

My sister and I

Divide the arguments into the right groups


Listen to the audio and choose the sentences Anna talks about

Me?… No, I’m perfect!

Listen to the recording again and correct the sentences


Read and complete the grammar rule with the correct options

He does it every day

Complete the sentences with the verbs from the list in the correct forms


go, annoy, drink, have, finish, make, have, annoy, want, live, not like, live

Choose the card and make true sentences about you and the people from your life

I / like (-)
I don’t like milk.

Thomas and Tyler

Listen to the recording and choose the correct adverbs to complete the table




combs his hair in the morning

brushes his teeth after lunch

plays outside

goes to bed early

Arrange the adverbs according to the certainty they express

Tyler never gets up early

Complete the sentences using the adverbs of frequency


Tyler gets up very early.

Tyler never gets up very early.

Thomas helps mum around the house.

Tyler hangs out with friends after school.

Thomas leaves his clothes on the floor.

Tyler makes a lot of noise in the evening.

Thomas annoys his brother.

Choose if the sentences are True or False for you. Change the false sentences so that they are true

I’m sometimes late for school. — It’s false. I’m never late for school.

Different lifestyles

Make true sentences about your and your family’s activities. Use the given expressions or your own ideas


to comb hair, to go on business trips, to work late, to cook dinner, to tidy the flat, to travel, to visit friends, to have a birthday, to go to the park, to hang out with friends, to call relatives, to go out for dinner

  1. I every day.
  2. My parents every weekend.
  3. My best friend twice a week.
  4. My dad once a month.
  5. My mum three times a week.
  6. My grandparents once a year.
  7. Our family every summer.


Make 3 true and 3 false sentences about your life. Your teacher will guess which are true

What lifestyle do you have?

Make questions, then choose the best answer for you


Questionnaire: What lifestyle do you have?

Read the keys:

You like to take things easy, don’t you? Are you sure that this is your full potential? Try a bit harder, and your teachers and parents will be happier with you.
Your lifestyle is perfectly balanced. You have time for work and for fun. Well-done!
You are too busy! Calm down and relax. Spend some time with your friends and don’t worry too much about the test next week.

Complete the rule


Ask your teacher questions beginning with How often or What to find out the information about the teenagers


How often does … V?
What does … do three times a week?



How often?



play football



stay up late



tidy her room



every day










get good marks at school


play computer games



three times a week

Take turns asking and answering questions to find out more about each other

1. What _________ in the evening?

2. How often __________?

3. Where ___________?

4. What kind of ___________?

5. Do you usually ___________?

Where are they now?

Listen to the part of the dialogue and choose the correct answers


Listen and read the dialogue, correct the mistakes

They aren’t reading

Complete the sentences with the phrases from the box, then read and complete the rule


Complete the rule

I’m having a lesson

Use the prompts to make true sentences. Use Present Simple + always, never, sometimes, or Present Continuous + today, at the moment



I / wear pink socks.

I never wear pink socks.

Complete the questions in Present Simple or Present Continuous. Ask and answer in turn

Additional: grammar game

Look at the pictures and find 9 more differences

Example: In picture one the girl is writing a letter, in picture two she is drawing.



Choose a picture. Your partner asks you five questions and guesses the picture you have chosen. Swap parts


— Are you a boy?
— Yes, I am.
— Are you running?
— No, I am not.
— Is the sun shining?
— Yes, it is.










What I can do


Tick the things you have learnt

Daily routines

1. have a shower 8. watch cartoons 15. surf the Internet
2. brush one’s teeth 9. read a book 16. text
3. comb one’s hair 10. hang out with friends 17. annoy
4. go to bed 11. wear a uniform 18. tidy
5. play outside 12. have a party 19. enjoy
6. go to school 13. go on holiday 20. annoying
7. do homework 14. look forward to 21. wash one’s hands


1. always 3. sometimes 5. never 7. twice
2. usually 4. hardly ever 6. once