GE|Pre-Int|12. Talents

School marks

How are things at school?



Speak about your interests and hobbies

Useful phrases:

— I’m the best at drawing/sport.
— I’m good at…
— I’m interested in…
— I’m fond of…
— I’m not very good at…
— I’m learning how to…

Amadou and Mariam


Listen, match the numbers to the things they refer to

Listen to the track by Amadou and Mariam

They’ve played for 30 years

Complete the sentences

Read and remember

Present Perfect with since and for

We use Present Perfect with since or for to talk about situations that started in the past and are still continuing now.

I‘ve been at this school since 2009. (= I started at this school in 2009. I am still at the school now.)
We‘ve lived here for three months. (= We arrived three months ago. We still live here now.)


For + periods of time

Since + starting time in the past

three years

two days

twenty minutes

a long time




last year

I was 12 years old

We do not use Present Simple in these cases.

We live here for three years.
I am at this school since 2006.

We use How long…? to ask questions about situations that started in the past and are still continuing now.

How long has she worked there?’ ‘For three years.’
How long have you known him?’ ‘Since I was five.’

Evelyn Glennie

Look at the facts and complete


Evelyn Glennie has been deaf since she was 12.

Put in the right column, make examples about your life

How long have you…

Make questions and interview each other


Speak about

  • the person you have known for more than 5 years
  • the sport you have done since childhood
  • the singer or the band you have liked for several years
  • the activity you have done for more than 3 years
  • something you have studied since last year

A famous architect


Listen and choose True or False

Listen again and answer the questions

1. How long has Sandra been an architect?
2. When did the Eldon School open?
3. Has Sandra won one prize?
4. How long did she live in America?
5. How long has she lived in London?

Sportsmen, musicians


Complete the dialogue

Use the words from the list: how long, since, never, how long, for, ever, yet, already, have

T - Tim | C - Coach Najji | M - Mulogo

T: Coach Najji, congratulations! Your team is the first African team to win a place in the Little League World Series! How long have you coached the team?

C: For five years now. I have played the game since I was five. Come and meet our team captain, Mulogo.

T: Hello, Mulogo. have you played baseball?

M: I was eight - that's three years.

T: Have you played in an international game?

M: Yes, we've played against four international teams, but we haven't played a World Series game . I'm excited but nervous, too. I've been to the USA before!

Complete the dialogue

L - Lucie | B - BB

L: I (play) the drums three years, and Jack (play) the guitar he was nine.

B: long you (know) each other?

L: We (be) friends year 4. And now over 500,000 people (see) us perform on YouTube!

B: you (make) an album (y) ?

L: No, we (not make) one but we're going to this summer.



Make questions to interview a person you admire

Now you can


Now you can:

1. Talk about your talents and activities.
2. Talk about how long you have done different activities.
3. Ask people about their talents.


1. be good at 5. win 9. talented
2. be bad at 6. award 10. famous
3. be interested in 7. blind 11. successful
4. be fond of 8. deaf 12. be excited about