GE|Pre-Int||13. Role Models

School marks

How are things at school?


Say who of these famous people you would invite to your school

Bill Gates


Lana Del Rey


Lionel Messi


Joanne K. Rowling


Maria Sharapova


Robert Pattinson


1. In what way can these people be examples?
2. What lesson would you like them to teach?
3. What would you like them to tell you?
4. Who else would you like to invite and why?

What is a role model?

Watch the video, then match the words and definitions


Tick and discuss with your teacher

A role model is someone who is…
It’s not important to be… for a role model.

Could you be a role model?


Put the words into sentences

Choose the correct option

Who is your role model?

Watch a video and match what people say about their role models


Talk about your role models

1. Where did you meet the person or how did you learn about the person?
2. What are the most outstanding things the person has done?
3. What are some other interesting facts about the person’s life?
4. In what way would you like to be similar to a person?

My role model is…
This person has done/tried/showed/…
He’s taught me that…
I’ve learnt from this person…
not to give up
to work hard
to be realistic
to care about people
not to be afraid to be different

Organising a school visit

Mark is preparing for a visit by Michael Jordan to his school. Complete the email


Mary is organising a visit of Keira Knightley to her school. Make sentences

She’s already booked the assembly hall.

book the assembly hall +
set up the microphone +
organise chairs
call the local newspaper +
invite the photographer
book a restaurant

Jane Goodall


Watch and discuss

Jane Goodall is a British primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace. She is the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees. Goodall has studied chimpanzees over 55 years, since she first went to Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania in 1960. She is the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and she has worked on environment protection and animal welfare questions.

1. What do you think of Jane Goodall’s personality?
2. Can she inspire people by her work and achievements?
3. Is it important to have a dream?
4. What things are important to achieve the dream?

Ask questions


Think of a famous person you would like to talk to. Make questions

Life events Unusual experiences Qualities
When were you

How did you

Where did you

Have you ever

What was the

How long have you

What are 

What kind of


Now you can


Now you can:

1. Talk about role models.
2. Ask questions to interview people about their life and achievements.


1. attribute 6. self-confident 11. talented
2. personality 7. famous 12. kind
3. handsome 8. rich 13. generous
4. outstanding 9. glamorous 14. responsible
5. determined 10. beautiful 15. ambitious

Useful language

  • to be at the top
  • to be the best at
  • socially active