GE|Pre-Int||2. A day in life

School marks

How are things at school?

Similar, or different?


Choose the card and answer the questions

School life

Read what children say about their schools. Say which things are true or false for you



«We have two hours for lunch». — Yang Cho, China


«My summer holidays start in December». — Daniel, Australia


«We don’t wear a uniform». — Anna, Russia


«I go to school on Saturday.» — Denise, France


«I go to school in the afternoon». — Jose, Mexico


«I finish school at 5 p.m.». — Adanna, Nigeria

Match the expressions with the meanings

Now, remember!

Complete the sentences with the correct words


Guess the words or expressions the pictures show, then flip the card to check

Do remember me

Read the information about the project Do Remember Me



Do Remember Me

Teens from Philadelphia connect with peers from around the world. Through the use of video chat, a student learns about a partner’s culture and discovers the similar things they share. They also create short films to inspire the students from other countries to join them.

Watch the video and choose if the sentences are True or False

What would you ask?

Read the task



Imagine that you are going to interview the teenagers from Philadelphia about their lifestyle.
Look at the starters and make your questions.

Your city

1. Are there ?

2. Is it ?

3. Do you ?

4. Where ?

Everyday life 1. How often ?

2. What ?

3. Do you ?

4. Are you ?

Studies 1. What subjects ?

2. How long ?

3. How many ?

4. What ?


Click on the buttons, read the questions and talk about your everyday life

  • What subjects are your favourite?
  • What are you studying at the moment?
  • How much time do you spend on homework?

  • How often do you spend time with friends?
  • What do you do after school?
  • Are there any traditions in your family?

  • What subjects are your favourite?
  • What are you studying at the moment?
  • How much time do you spend on homework?

A school day: the USA

Read the facts and guess which are true about the school life of the American teens


Watch the video and answer the questions

1. How does Ashley get to school?
2. What time does her school day start?
3. What is Powderpuff?
4. Is Ashley good at geometry?
5. What music is playing when she comes to Global Studies class?
6. What can she do during the lunch?

A day in life: Nepal

Read the text and complete the gaps with the given words



Useful link:?Kids in Other Countries

Watch the video and complete the sentences

The British boarding school

Match the words with the definitions


Watch the video and tick the positive aspects people mention about the boarding school

Let’s sum up!

Do the quiz to check how much you remember about the lifestyles of different teenagers



Choose a button and speak about the lifestyle of the teenagers


What I can do


Tick the things you have learnt today


1. boarding school 6. powderpuff 11. optional subject
2. curriculum 7. senior 12. stay up at night
3. detention 8. junior 13. hang out
4. peer 9. mingling 14. brush up for a test
5. inspire 10. extra class