GE|Pre-Int||4. The future begins today

School marks

How are things at school?


Match the sentences to the pictures

Say which of the predictions have come true

  • People can travel by air, but not with the help of the wings — we fly by planes.
  • We can stay underwater for a long time, but we don’t have underwater buses.

The words of future



Match the words to the definitions



Listen and complete the dialogue with will / may / might/ won’t

I — Interviewer | D — Dr Lanfear

Plans and predictions

Match the meaning with the construction


Make sentences about the future using the constructions

  • We’re going to…
  • I don’t think we will…
  • People might…
  • I guess, we may…
  • We will probably…
  • build colonies in space.
  • play sports in space.
  • have a war with aliens.
  • go on holidays in space.
  • open parks on the Moon.
  • grow food in space.
  • use suspended animation.
  • travel at the speed of light.

Space colony


Read the text, then match the title with the paragraph number

My Space Colony

by Nebula Brown. Class 6C. 20th February, 2050.

Paragraph 1

I live on Lunar Taurus 12. The colony is like a giant wheel. Rockets arrive and leave from the spaceport in the centre. This is connected by monorails to the wheel where we live. The monorails are very quick and it doesn’t take very long to travel anywhere in the colony.

Paragraph 2

In the spaceport there is a sports centre. I go there twice a week after school. My favourite game is space volleyball. There is no gravity at the centre of the wheel, so you can hit the ball under the net and bounce it off the ceiling!

Paragraph 3

10,000 people live in our colony on the inside of the wheel. The wheel turns and this creates artificial gravity. Giant mirrors direct sunlight on to the wheel and we have forests, fields and rivers. There’s even an artificial beach with a wave-machine, so you can go swimming and surfing.

Paragraph 4

All our food is grown in the colony. Vegetables are grown on special farms — all the people on the colony are vegetarians. There are also lots of factories. Rockets bring minerals from the Moon and we manufacture everything here from telephones to toothpaste. There’s a big factory where rockets are repaired — my father works there.

Paragraph 5

Nothing in the colony is wasted, of course, everything is recycled. It is incredible to think that fifty years ago on Earth, people destroyed and threw away so many things!

The Martian

Read the film review and watch the trailer

During a space mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is lost after a storm and left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself alone on Mars. With almost no food, he will have to survive and find a way to contact Earth.

Discuss the questions

1. Why did NASA stop the mission?
2. What is Mark going to do to survive?
3. Do you think he will survive?
4. Will he meet aliens?
5. Will he be saved in the end and return to Earth?

What you can do


Now you can:

1. talk about space and future;
2. use be going to V, will V, may / might V while speaking about the future.


1. galaxy 5. speed of light 9. planet
2. spacesuit 6. space colony 10. gravity
3. solar system 7. alien 11. orbit
4. astronaut 8. suspended animation 12. spacecraft