GE|Pre-Int||8. Incredible stories

School marks

How are things at school?

Going extremes

Match the words with the pictures

Answer the questions

1. When was the last time you did something adventurous or unusual?
2. What did you do on your last holiday?
3. Would you like to try some extreme activities? Which and why?

Something went wrong


Listen, read and write the correct option

He was falling from the sky

Complete the sentences using the Past Continuous Tense


We use Past Continuous to talk about:

1. actions in progress at a specific time in the past.
The actions start before the time and finish after it:


At 3.00, he was skydiving.

2. the background situation at the time of a story:
The sun was shining.

To form Past Continuous, we use was/were and the -ing form of the verb.

Put the verbs into Past Continuous

An accident in the mountains

Complete and put in the right order


What was he doing?

Listen and choose the sport


Listen again and complete the questions and the answers

What were they doing?

Ask questions about the people


Was John climbing?
Who was fishing?

  • to canoe
  • to fish
  • to wear helmets
  • to wear life jackets
  • to have a picnic
  • to climb
  • to have a good time

Find out!


Make the questions and ask

The tornado

Listen and mark the correct word in bold

Read and remember

We use Past Simple and Past Continuous in the same sentence to describe a past action that was interrupted by another action.


When the tornado started, mum was watching TV.
They were playing football, when the tornado started.

What were the people doing?

Look and say

When the earthquake happened…

Tom ______________.


Peter and his parents __________________.

Ashley __________________.

Tim and his brother ____________________.

Complete and answer about yourself

Time expressions

Read the rule and remember

We often use time expressions to say when something happened. We use them with Past Simple when we talk about an action or situation which is finished.

in (a period): I started school in 2010.
last: They moved house last year.
yesterday: I finished the book yesterday.
on(a day or a date): They arrived in Mumbai on 24 January.
ago: She broke her arm three weeks ago.

Tick the correct word

Invent an incredible story

Look at the pictures and make up a story


Look at the pictures and make up a story

Sam Carter, 16, and Daniel Green, 17 survived a week at sea with no food and no water.


1. sail 3. rain
2. fish 4. rescue

Useful language

  • to drift into the open sea
  • to feel scared
  • to climb into a fishing boat