GE|Pre-Int|HW||12. Talents

Grammar reference

Present Perfect with since and for


We use Present Perfect with since and for to talk about situations and events in a period of time from the past until now.


I‘ve had this cold since Monday.
I‘ve felt ill for three days.

We use since with a point in time (when the situation or event started).

Present Perfect since Point in time
I’ve been here since 7.30 a.m.
She’s played the violin since she was four.

We use for with a length of time (the duration of the event or situation).

Present Perfect for Length of time
I’ve been here for two hours.
She’s played the violin for 20 years.

Present Perfect and Past Simple


We use Present Perfect to talk about past events when the exact time of the event is either not obvious or not important.

I‘ve finished this book.
Have you ever ridden a horse?
I‘ve never eaten sushi.

When the past time is important, we use Past Simple and an exact time expression. We also use Past Simple when we give extra information about an event.

I finished this book yesterday.
Did you ride a horse at the weekend?
I didn’t do that when I was a child.

We use recently with Present Perfect to talk about events in the near past.

Have you spoken to Frank recently?
I haven’t played much basketball recently.

We often use ever and never with Present Perfect when we ask and talk about experiences.

Have you ever spoken to Frank?
I‘ve never played basketball.

We can also use these expressions: once, twice (= two times), lots of times.

I‘ve eaten Japanese food once.
He‘s climbed that mountain lots of times.

Since or for


Complete with «since» or «for»

Write the sentences

⇒ They’ve been married for 30 years.

Already or yet

Choose and write the correct expression, then write it in the sentence

Present Perfect and Past Simple


Complete with Present Perfect or Past Simple

Choose the correct option

I’ve just remembered!


Write the sentences

Write 5 sentences in Present Perfect about yourself

Use time expressions: today, for a long time, never, just.

Use word combinations: see a rainbow, eat rabbit, use a computer, make a mistake in English, go ice skating, see a spider, go on a bus, fall off my bike, ask someone a question, cook a meal, fly a kite

Example: I haven’t cooked a meal for a long time.

Your talents

Write about your talents and interests


You can write about:

  • the activities you do in your free time
  • when you started
  • how long you’ve done these activities
  • the competitions you have taken part in
  • the prizes you’ve won
  • why you like the activities

Useful language

  • I’m fond of
  • I’m interested in
  • I’m keen on
  • My special talent is
  • I started…
  • I have played…
  • I have studied…
  • I have never tried…
  • I have taken part in…