GE|Pre-Int|HW||13. Role Models

Grammar reference

Present Perfect and Past Simple


We use Present Perfect to talk about past events when the exact time of the event is either not obvious or not important.

I‘ve finished this book.
Have you ever ridden a horse?
I‘ve never eaten sushi.

When the past time is important, we use Past Simple and an exact time expression. We also use Past Simple when we give extra information about an event.

I finished this book yesterday.
Did you ride a horse at the weekend?
I didn’t do that when I was a child.

We use recently with Present Perfect to talk about events in the near past.

Have you spoken to Frank recently?
I haven’t played much basketball recently.

We often use ever and never with Present Perfect when we ask and talk about experiences.

Have you ever spoken to Frank?
I‘ve never played basketball.

We can also use these expressions: once, twice (= two times), lots of times.

I‘ve eaten Japanese food once.
He‘s climbed that mountain lots of times.

Who is your role model?

Write about your role model

— Who is your role model?
— What kind of person is he/she?
— What has this person achieved?
— Why does this person inspire you?


1. famous 5. talented 9. be good at 13. perform
2. popular 6. kind 10. research 14. create
3. ambitious 7. generous 11. win 15. discover
4. beautiful 8. responsible 12. achieve 16. give up

Useful language

— socially active
— to be the best at
— to set an example

Invite a famous person


Prepare a presentation and invite a famous person to visit your school

1. Write a script

Talk about:

a) yourself
b) your school
c) why you would like to invite this person
d) what you would like this person to talk about

2. Ask your friend or your parent help you to make a video.
3. Send a video to your teacher.