GE|Pre-Int|HW||2. A day in life

An American teenager

Watch the video about Austin’s day

Put the expressions from the video into the right categories


Prepare and record a two-minute speech about Austin’s day. You have to talk continuously

Cover the points:

1. What time does he get up?
2. What is his usual morning routine?
3. What does he do after he arrives to school?
4. How many classes does he have?
5. Where does he eat lunch?
6. What are his after-school activities?
7. Who drives him home?

Allow your browser the access to the microphone, press the button «Record» and record the speech you have prepared

Prepare a presentation

Imagine that you are doing a project about your lifestyle for the teenagers in another country


Follow the plan:

1. Facts about you
2. Your routine
3. Your school life
4. After-school activities

Write an essay about your lifestyle. Use the plan and some of the words and expressions below


1. Read the topic and the questions carefully.
2. Plan what you are going to write about.
3. Write the text according to your plan.
4. Check your writing before sending it for evaluation.
5. Learn the rules and see the sample here.
6. Please use Grammarly to avoid spelling and some grammar mistakes.


1. get up 5. have a break 9. do homework 13. finish class
2. go 6. study 10. revise for 14. hang out
3. talk 7. go for a run 11. day off 15. get ready
4. have breakfast 8. curriculum 12. go to bed 16. have a rest