GE|Pre-Int|HW||7. The way things used to be

Grammar reference

Used to V

We use used to + the infinitive to talk about things that were true in the past, or happened regularly in the past but which aren’t true now, or don’t happen now.

The form is the same for all persons, singular and plural.

I used to play the piano every day.
He used to write funny stories.

We use did + use to (NOT used to) in questions and negatives.

Did you use to have long hair?
They didn’t use to like football.

Practise the pronunciation

Listen and complete


Listen again and repeat the sentences. Try to copy the rhythm

Practise the form

Complete the sentences with the correct form of used to and the verb


A student from another country

Listen to the interview, choose True or False


Choose the correct variant

I used to hate carrots


Rewrite the past sentences using the correct form of used to

Carrie’s life

Look and write sentences with used to or didn’t use to




Carrie/not live/in the country. —
Carrie didn’t use to live in the country.

Write sentences with used to/didn’t use to and the words from the list

city / computer / cuddly toys / cat / glasses / karate / tennis

Example: Carrie used to collect cuddly toys.

The school life in the past

Listen, read and complete the story with used to/didn’t use to


A secret diary

Read the secrets Mrs. Banks used to write in her diary when she was 8 years old



My secrets

1. My best friend is Olivia. She’s got long, black hair and green eyes. We go everywhere together.
2. There’s fish for dinner twice a week. I don’t like fish!
3. Our teacher doesn’t give us a lot of homework. I finish early and play with my dolls.
4. I don’t tidy my room very often. I have more important things to do!
5. Mum hides the biscuit jar in different places. I find it every time!

Now imagine and write what she says to her daughter Beth now