GE|Pre-Int|HW||10. The Canterville Ghost

Grammar reference


It was a dark evening. Max Butler was walking down a dark, narrow street. The wind was blowing and it was raining. Suddenly, Max heard a noise behind him. He stopped and turned round.

We use Past Continuous to talk about situations in progress at a time in the past. We often use Past Continuous in stories.


8.30, running, singing

At half past eight that morning I was running to school. The birds were singing.

We form Past Continuous like this:

I/he/she/it was running
we/you/they were running

Pete was working.
James and Anna were talking.

I/he/she/it wasn’t running
we/you/they weren’t running

I wasn’t crying.
You weren’t looking.

Was I/he/she/it running?
Were we/you/they running?
Yes, we were. No, they weren’t.

Was the sun shining? Yes, it was.
Were Bella and Henry eating? No, they weren’t.

Describe a character


Choose a character from the story and describe him or her

— who was the character
— describe the appearance
— describe the personality
— what he did in the story
— your opinion about the character


1. businessman 6. murder 11. serious 16. young
2. ghost 7. laugh 12. miserable 17. innocent
3. servant 8. terrify 13. pleased 18. skeptic
4. twin 9. be scared 14. afraid 19. feel sorry for
5. castle 10. leave alone 15. nervous 20. play a trick on