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Label the pictures with the adjectives

Write the colours

Example: blue + yellow = green

Choose and click on the word with a different vowel sound


[i:] tree


[u:] boot


[ai] bike


[əʊ] phone


[e] egg

Choose the stressed syllable in these words


Rearrange the words to make sentences

Match the pictures and the sentences. Write the letter in the box.

1. He’s very tall and he has short, dark hair.
2. He’s quite fat, with short dark hair.
3. She’s very old and quite fat with short, fair hair.
4. She’s quite young, quite tall, and she has dark hair.
5. He’s quite young. He’s tall and thin with long hair.
6. She’s quite short and thin, and she has long hair.

Complete with an expression from the box

Look at the information below and write sentences using quite  or very. Mind the verb ‘to be’. Use the words fat, old, short, tall, thin, young.




Rob Neil Jim
Age 15 65 85
Height 2 metres 1 metre 60 1 metre 80
Weight 150 kilos 90 kilos 55 kilos

Example: Rob is quite young.

Read the text


There are 20 Bond films in the «Bond, James Bond» exhibition at the Science Museum in London. In these films James Bond has 41 girlfriends, but they are all different. Some have brown hair, some have fair hair, some have dark hair, and some have red hair.
But experts now know exactly what type of girl James Bond likes. They say Bond’s typical girlfriend has brown hair and brown eyes. She is quite tall (1m 70), quite thin and, of course, very beautiful.

And who is the perfect Bond girl?
They say it’s Diana Rigg in the film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Tick (✓) the correct boxes

Choose the answer and click on it. There can be more than one correct answer 

Try to remember the words



1. president
2. airline
3. clothes
4. the moon
5. hair
6. good-looking
7. pretty
8. eye
9. What colour is it?
10. famous

Сomplete the words using mixed letters

Do a dictation


Read the article. Mark the sentences True or False.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood is a district of Los Angeles in California, USA. The Walk of Fame is in the centre of the district on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. It is over two kilometres long, and has more than 2,400 stars. There are more than 20 new stars every year.

The stars are in five different types: film, TV, music, radio, and theatre. Some famous people have more than one star, for example Michael Jackson. He has two stars: one as a solo artist, and one as a member of the Jackson Five. But the Walk of Fame isn’t only for real people. Mickey Mouse has a star and more recently, Shrek.

Listen to five speakers describing celebrities with Hollywood stars. Which speaker describes…?







Prepare your 1-minute speech on the topic «My favourite thing»

Give full answers to the questions:

1. What is your favourite thing?
2. What is its origin? (= Is it German, Italian, etc.)
3. What colour is it?
4. How old is it?
5. Why do you like it?

Allow your browser access to your microphone, press the button «Record» and record the speech you have prepared

Listen attentively to the audio 


Now listen to each sentence separately and write them down in the boxes below. If you hear a contracted form (e.g. didn’t), then use it instead of the full one.

If you hear a full form, use this full form.

Can you answer these questions?


1. Is your flat big or small?
2. Are you tall or short?
3. What hair colour do you have?
4. Are you hungry?
5. Are restaurants cheap or expensive in your country?

Write full answers to the questions

1. Советы по написанию задания
2. Прочитайте внимательно задание и/или вопросы.
3. Составьте план того, о чем хотите написать.
4. Напишите текст по составленному плану.
5. Перечитайте написанный текст перед отправкой на проверку.
6. Здесь вы найдете правила написания и пример задания.
7. Воспользуйтесь программой Grammarly, которая поможет избежать опечаток и исправит некоторые грамматические ошибки.


1. because of
2. that is why
3. for example
4. in my opinion
5. I think
6. finally
7. besides
8. and
9. but
10. or
11. so
12. also
13. first
14. next
15. then

Useful language

  • I can say (that)

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