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Answer the questions

1. What’s the time?
2. What time do you get up?
3. What time do you have breakfast?
4. What time does our lesson finish?
5. What time do you come home?
6. What time do you usually have dinner?

Write the times

Tell the story

Every day I get up seven o'clock  at seven o’clock. I have a shower and I get dressed. I have breakfast quarter past seven at a quarter past seven. I usually have a big breakfast: cereal, toast, fruit, and coffee. I get to work at quarter to 9. I work at a sports centre. I answer the phone at the reception and give people the keys to the changing rooms. I start work at nine o'clock. At quarter past one I have lunch with my colleagues in the cafeteria. I usually finish work at six o'clock. Sometimes I stay late at the centre to do some exercise. I get home at quarter to eight. I have dinner at half past eight. Then I watch TV. I go to bed at half past eleven.

Look at the picture and tell what you remember about Louisa’s day. Use the text to help you.


  • 6.30 I get up and I make George’s sandwiches. Then I do some housework. Then I wake up George and make his breakfast. I’m always in a hurry and I don’t have time for breakfast at home.
  • 8.00 We cycle to school because the bus is expensive. Then I cycle six miles to work.
  • 9.00 I have a sandwich for breakfast in the canteen, and then I start work. My first tour is usually at 9.30. I like my job but I don’t earn much money and I stand all day.
  • 5.00 I finish work and I go to pick up George at 5.30. We go shopping.
  • 6.30 I cook dinner and help George with his homework. After dinner I do more housework or answer e-mails until 9.00. I don’t go out in the evening because a babysitter is very expensive.
  • 9.00 George goes to bed and I read him a story. Then I go to bed — I’m really tired!

Look at Simon. Answer your teacher’s questions.


Simon works for a computer company. He lives in Brighton but he works in London.

First listen to five things Simon says. Number the pictures 1-5.

Listen again. Complete the sentences.

Now listen to Simon talking to Professor Parker. Write short answers


Listen and look at the pictures. Can you guess Professor Parker’s advice?


So how’s Mrs. Schneider?

I work at the Salem Dairy Queen as the cake decorator.

Put these words in the correct column



Click on the cards one by one and do the tasks

Match the pictures with the names

Listen to the interview with the Duchess of Wessex. Answer the questions.

1. Who’s interviewing the Duchess of Wessex?
2. Does she wake up at 8.00?
3. What time does she wake up?
4. Does she have breakfast in the kitchen?
5. Where does she have breakfast?
6. Does she read «Time» Magazine?
7. What does she read?
8. Does she read her letters?
9. Does she dictate the replies to her husband?
10. Does she walk in the garden with her secretary?
11. Who does she walk in the garden with?
12. Does she have lunch at twelve?
13. What time does she have lunch?
14. What does she do until six?
15. What does she do at six?
16. Does she have dinner at seven?
17. What time does she have dinner?
18. Does she go to bed at nine thirty?
19. What time does she go to bed?
20. Does she have a busy life?

Talk about a typical day of an English teacher


1. next
2. after that
3. then

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