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Choose the correct verb form. Then read the sentences again and say if they are true or false.

See the answers

1. False, Diner’s Club invented the first card
2. True. *ATM — Automatic teller machine
3. False, £50.000
4. True, however the distinguished African-American educator Booker T. Washington appeared on coins in 1940s. (but he wasn’t a president)
5. True, before this date were used as an electronic currency only


Read the website,choose and write the best word(s) for each space. Check what the words highlighted mean with your dictionary.

Choose and say the correct number



  • Commas (,) are used to separate off the thousands and millions in large numbers:
    7,456,189 (not 7.456.189)
  • We do not usually put commas in four-figure numbers:
    3164 or (less frequently — 3,164)


  • All numbers from twenty-one to ninety-nine should be written with a hyphen (-):
  • Numbers such as 100, 200, 1,000, etc. do not take a plural -s when we use them as determiners:
    There were about two hundred people at the meeting.
  • Remember how to read decimals: 0.754 = nought point seven five four (BrE); zero point seven five four (AmE); point seven five four (BrE / AmE).
    1.035 = one point nought three five (BrE).
  • Be careful when saying fractions: ⅖ = two fifths; ½ = a half; ¼ = a quarter.

Example: $23.99

  • twenty-three dollars ninety-nine
  • twenty-three point nine nine dollars


Choose the answer and click on it. Only one answer can be correct

Write the numbers in words

Example: €7 — seven euros

Listen and write the numbers that you hear


Listen and write the numbers in words. Don’t use commas in this exercise

Numbers between twenty-one and ninety-nine should be hyphenated when they’re spelled out

Example: Twenty-two, fifty-six, ninety-three


Complete the dialogues with the correct form of the verbs in the boxes (Past Simple or Present Perfect)


— How long have you had (have) your camera?
— Not long. I bought (buy) it about two months ago.


Listen to a man speaking about money matters. Choose the questions he answers

If you can’t understand the audio after the second listening, you can open its tapescript and listen to it once more.

I’ve never been very good at saving money. If I can afford something I want, I’ll buy it; if I can’t, I won’t. I can’t remember the last time I really saved up for something.
I lost my wallet a few years ago. It fell out of my pocket in a train. It had my credit cards and money in it. But somebody found it and took it to a police station and the police phoned me and I went to get it. It still had all my cards and the money in it. I was amazed. But the person didn’t leave their name so I couldn’t say thank you.
I buy loads of things on the Internet, especially books and music. The last thing I bought were some chocolates for my mum’s birthday last month.
Somebody tried to steal money from me a few years ago. I was walking in the city centre late at night coming back from a friend’s house but I didn’t have any, so he was quite disappointed.
I’ve never sold anything on the Internet — but friends of mine use websites like eBay all the time to sell things they don’t want. One of my friends even sold his car on the Internet recently.
I haven’t lent anybody any money for ages. The last time I did was when I was at school. One of my friends asked me to lend him some money. It wasn’t very much, but he didn’t pay me back. We never spoke to each other again.


Complete the sentences with the correct verb in boxes


Example: My sister (wastes/saves) a lot of money on clothes she never wears.

Complete the sentences with the correct preposition or particle

Example: I’ll pay for the meal if you get the drinks.


Read the task and prepare your 2-minute speech on the topic «Money matters»

Cover the points:

1. What do you think the quickest legal way of making a lot of money is?
2. Is it a good idea to give money to charities?
3. What is your opinion of «plastic» money?
4. Is it worth taking out a mortgage nowadays?
5. Have you ever wasted a lot of money?

Allow your browser access to micriphone, press the button «Record» and record the speech you have prepared

Which of these sentences best describes your attitude to money?


1. All I want is enough money to enjoy life.
2. Money is very important to me. I’d like to earn as much as possible.
3. I would be happy to live with less money and fewer possessions.

Choose one sentence and explain in writing why it describes your attitude to money. Use some words from the list.


1. Read the topic and the questions carefully.
2. Plan what you are going to write about.
3. Write the text according to your plan.
4. Check your writing before sending it for evaluation.
5. Learn the rules and see the sample here.
6. Please use Grammarly to avoid spelling and some grammar mistakes.


1. save money
2. broke
3. take out a mortgage from a bank
4. earn
5. afford
6. take a loan
7. blow money
8. inherit money
9. lend money
10. borrow
11. waste money
12. charge
13. invest money
14. pay money back
15. pay in cash
16. pay by credit card
17. spend
18. pay a tax
19. owe
20. mortgage


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Study skills

Listen to the audio attentively


Now listen to each sentence separately and write them in the boxes below. Use full forms only. Please, if you hear a number, write it in letters

Listen and check

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