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Put the words and phrases in the correct column


Rewrite the following sentences using the Present Perfect (negative form) with for or since. Haven’t or hasn’t = one word


I last read a newspaper on June 2.
I (5 words) haven’t read a newspaper since June 2.


Complete the dialogues with the correct form of the verbs in boxes


— Haven’t you finished yet?
— No. I’m exhausted! I ‘ve been cleaning (clean) the house for hours!

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Read the text and do the task below. Look up the highlighted words in your dictionary.


Young Schweppes Football Club in Nungua, a poor area in the city of Accra

My African experience

Lucy Milk writes

There are so many life-changing experiences available so I had great fun researching options for my gap year*. As I had always played sports, especially football, I thought teaching children to play football in Ghana (a country in western Africa) sounded unusual and amazing.

Initially I thought that I might not be respected as a football coach, because I’m a girl. However, as soon as I got to Ghana I realized that I was wrong. I worked with the young Schweppes Football Club in a poor area in the city of Accra (the capital of Ghana). I coached small boys and teenagers from poor rural families. The training pitch was a dusty patch of land, and taxis and goats used to cross the pitch during matches. Many of the boys played barefoot and without T-shirts, but their passion for the game was amazing. For thousands of Ghanaian children football is their life, a possible escape from poverty.

The weather was boiling so I coached early in the morning and in the evening to avoid the midday sun; however, after a while I didn’t mind the heat any more. During the day I went home to snooze, or read on the balcony. From time to time, I looked round markets or went to the beach. I loved Ghana because of its hidden beauty, and the warmth and friendliness of the people. Being a volunteer in Africa is sometimes really hard, but it is very rewarding both for yourself and for the children you meet.

* a gap yearmany students in the UK take a one year break between finishing university and starting work. They often travel abroad during this «gap year».

Mark the sentences True or False


(True/False) Lucy was worried about being a female football coach when she worked in Ghana.


Complete the definitions with one of the words or phrases from this list

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Vision experiment


Try to remember the words


1. ape
2. social life
3. guide
4. Tube
5. deep
6. ill-treat
7. trivial
8. apply
9. rescue
10. take time off

Match the words to complete the collocations

Listen to a news story about an American family who are travelling around the world doing voluntary work. Tick (✓) the places they have already visited.


Example: Australia

Listen again. Mark the sentences True or False.

Read the following questions


1. Have you made any recent changes in your life?
2. Do you think changes are important?
3. What is the most difficult change you have ever had to make?
4. What is one thing that you think you will never change about yourself?
5. What is one thing you have tried to change, but couldn’t?
6. Would you like to take a year off and go abroad? Why (not)?

Write about changes in your life answering some of the questions.


1. Read the topic and the questions carefully.
2. Plan what you are going to write about.
3. Write the text according to your plan.
4. Check your writing before sending it for evaluation.
5. Learn the rules and see the sample here.
6. Please use Grammarly to avoid spelling and some grammar mistakes.


1. on the one hand
2. on the other hand
3. what is more
4. in spite of
5. in my opinion
6. as a matter of fact
7. as a result

Please note that you need to use commas after the phrases from the Wordlist, e.g.:
On the one hand, changes are good and stimulating. On the other hand, they can be rather stressful.

Useful language

  • In today’s world, it’s important
  • People always say
  • People have always thought
  • It is a controversial/burning question.
  • Firstly,
  • To begin with,
  • Secondly,
  • Finally,
  • In addition,
  • Besides,
  • Moreover,
  • Furthermore,
  • However,
  • Despite this,
  • In fact,
  • Consequently,
  • To sum up,
  • In conclusion,
  • In summary,
  • All in all,
  • I believe
  • It strikes me that
  • What I would also like to mention is
  • I am fully aware that

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