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Order the words to make sentences


is, room, 724, this
This is room 724.


Complete the phrases. Then choose a suitable response to every phrase


— Did you sleep well?
— Yes, thanks. I feel really refreshed now.

Read the advert and do the task below. Check what the highlighted words mean with your dictionary.


Castle Inn San Francisco CA

SFO airport 12.6 miles/20.3 km
«The best-kept secret in San Francisco»

Our facilities and services:

  • air-conditioning + heating in all guest rooms
  • en-suite power shower
  • in-room internet access
  • safe deposit box
  • complimentary morning coffee
  • non-smoking rooms available
  • free covered parking

Located in the heart of San Francisco, the Castle Inn is in easy walking distance of Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, and line restaurants and shops. The Castle Inn offers great service, great comfort, and great value.

We know San Francisco is a wonderful city with an enormous number of tourist attractions and, for that reason, the staff are available from morning to night to answer any questions you have. We look forward to being a part of your San Francisco experience. The Castle Inn is an approved member of the San Francisco Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Mark the sentences True, False, or Doesn’t say

Example: (True/False) The Castle Inn is in the centre of San Francisco.


Match the words and their definitions

Decide if who is the subject or object of the questions below. Choose the correct form

Example: Who (wants/does want) a cup of coffee?


You will hear Mrs Snell and her new neighbour, Steve, talking about each other. Mark the sentences True or False


Mrs Snell




Complete each space with one word

Example: Where do your parents live?

Listen to the audio attentively


Now listen to each sentence separately and write them in the boxes below. ​If you hear a contracted form ( e.g. didn’t ), then write it

If you hear a full form, use this full form. Please, if you hear a number, write it in letters.

Listen and check

Read instructions


Imagine that you are writing an e-mail to your friend describing your last journey: you had numerous problems in the hotel, which totally ruined your holiday.

Mention the following:

  • describe the hotel;
  • whether the hotel lived up to your expectations or not;
  • the problems you had;
  • how you tried to solve them.

Don’t forget to greet your friend at the beginning of the e-mail and to say «bye» at the end.

Write an e-mail to your friend about hotel problems you had. Use words from the list


1. elevator
2. lift
3. air-conditioning
4. tuna sandwich
5. wholewheat bread
6. mayo
7. French fries
8. bay
9. introduce
10. show round the city

Useful phrases for writing e-mails:

  • Dear (name),
  • I hope you’re well.
  • Please send me …
  • but/ however/ on the other hand/ yet
  • moreover/ furthermore/ in addition
  • then/ after that
  • Your last letter was a real surprise
  • It was great to hear from you!
  • It was great to hear that …
  • I was happy to hear …
  • Send my regards to …
  • Love, (name)
  • Best wishes
  • look forward to
  • hope to hear from you soon
  • Write (back) soon!
  • Take care and keep in touch!
  • Drop me a letter when you can.
  • Yours faithfully,
  • Yours sincerely,


1. Read the topic and the questions carefully.
2. Plan what you are going to write about.
3. Write the text according to your plan.
4. Check your writing before sending it for evaluation.
5. Learn the rules and see the sample here.
6. Please use Grammarly to avoid spelling and some grammar mistakes.


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