Group lessons | El |U1|6. A secret room

Choose the activity you would like to do


Match the names of the rooms with the pictures

Words to pictures

Do the tasks

Part 1

Watch the first 2 seconds of the video. What is behind the door?


Choose the answer and click on it. Only one answer can be correct

Part 2

Watch the video until the end. What is behind the door?


Choose the answer and click on it. Only one answer can be correct

Read the rules and play the game

The game «Find someone who»


Spin the wheel → Get an activity → Ask your classmates how often they do this activity.

  • Find someone who sometimes eats in a restaurant.

— Masha, how often do you eat in a restaurant?
— Often.
— Vasya, what about you?
— Sometimes.
— Vasya sometimes eats in a restaurant.

Find someone who … .


Study the homework steps

Emily’s cat is happy! So she says: «Thank you for feeding my cat!»
Complete the following homework steps to learn some interesting facts about cats:

  • Revise the vocabulary.
  • Revise the grammar.
  • Read the text.
  • Answer some questions about yourself.

Play the game




Match the adverbs of frequency with the pictures

Words to gaps



Do the mini-tasks

Task 1

Complete the sentences with the correct adverb

Words to gaps




Task 1

Order the words in the dialogue to create sentences

H — Harry | K — Kelsey

Study the task

Emily wants to know more about you! She’s got some questions for you:


Answer the questions. Say:

— how often you do these things;

— where you usually do them.

I often watch The Office on HBO in my bedroom.

Read the instructions and answer Emily’s questions

Советы по написанию задания

  • Прочитайте внимательно задание и/или вопросы.
  • Составьте план того, о чем хотите написать.
  • Напишите текст по составленному плану.
  • Перечитайте написанный текст перед отправкой на проверку.
  • Здесь вы найдете правила написания и пример задания.
  • Воспользуйтесь программой Grammarly, которая поможет избежать опечаток и исправит некоторые грамматические ошибки.


Click on the button and read the interesting facts


Thousands of cats have got an Instagram account.

Here are the five most popular ones:

Check them out! =^^=

Кликни по смартфону, переходи в мобильное приложение Quizlet и учи новые слова из урока