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Choose the activity you would like to do

British English:

  • chemist’s;
  • traffic lights;
  • telephone booth;
  • crossroads;
  • zebra crossing.

American English:

  • pharmacy;
  • stop lights;
  • phone booth;
  • intersection;
  • crosswalk.

Match the words with the pictures. There are two words for each picture


Choose the correct options to complete the dialogue

A — AmE | B — BrE

Choose a real object

Watch the video and discuss the questions

1. Do GPS jeans exist?
2. Do GPS jeans make a sound to show direction?
3. Are GPS jeans French or American?
4. Would you like to have a pair of GPS jeans?

Match the names of the steps with the map

Steps: Start | Look | Follow | Arrive

Name the steps then click on the hotspots to check yourself

Look at the pictures and unscramble the words

Match the instructions with the pictures. Then press the button under the card to get a tip


Save your home and school addresses in Google Maps!

Tap ≡ → Your places → Add the address!

Now you don’t need to type your address every time you want to go home!

Look at the map. Read the instructions and match the questions with the answers



Meeting your friends in a new place? Share your location!

  • Let your friends know where you are.
  • Press for a second on the place where you are → Drop the pin → Click on the place → Choose «Share».
  • Now your friends can find you!

Listen to the directions. Type the name of the destination


The destination point is the ___________.



Save your favourite places!

Find the place → Click on the place information → Click «Save»
Now you can find your favourite bakery wherever you are!

Read the task and give directions to your friend who is lost


Cover the points:

1. Where is your friend?
2. How can he or she get to your place?

Example: You are in the bakery. Go straight along Angliysky Prospekt. Turn left at the bakery. Go straight on. There is a green telephone booth. Cross the road at the booth. Go straight on. At the next crossroad, turn left. My house is on the left.


traffic lights street corner crossroads bridge
zebra crossing go straight on go along the street cross on your left
on your right How do I get to…? Is there a petrol station near here?

Useful language

  • to turn left at …
  • to turn right at …
  • to turn left into …
  • to turn right into …
  • How can I find … ?

Allow your browser access to your microphone, press the button «Record» and record the speech you have prepared

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