Group lessons|T|El|U1|13. Escape the future

Look at the 3D model. Tick all the things you see


Read the message and mark the sentences as True or False

Hi, I’m Urs. I am a scientist from 2090.

In my time, there are glass buildings, flying cars and android animals.
I love android animals, but I want real animals back!
Help me learn more about the past and get the animals back, and I’ll help you return to your time.

Match the actions with the places


Read the instructions and do the task

1. Work in pairs.
2. Choose a place and say what people usually do there.
3. Ask your classmate to guess the place.
3. Take turns.

Y — You | C — Your classmate


Y: People usually study and read there.
C: It’s a library.
Y: That’s right.


Do people of your time like walking in the park? What else do they like?

What they like doing?


Click on the cards and do the task

People of my time never hang out with their friends or skype with their families. What about people of your time?

Read the task and interview your partner


An interview

1. Ask:

a) how often your partner does the actions from the list;
b) how often their friends or family members do the same actions.

2. Ask at least 2 questions.

3. Tick the actions you ask about.


Y — Your | P — Your partner

Y: How often do you watch Netflix?
P: Often. What about your mum?
Y: She never watches Netflix.


Choose the answer and click on it. There can be more correct answers

We all live alone, and there is just one room in each apartment. What about you?

Match the words with the pictures

Read and do the task

1. Underline the rooms that are in your flat.
2. Cross out the rooms you haven’t got in your flat.
3. Discuss with your partner.

Example: There is a kitchen in my flat. There are two bedrooms, but there isn’t a dining room.



Oh no, the robotic dog is out of battery power!
Listen to my instructions and bring the dog to my office. I will send you back home.

Listen to the scientist’s instructions and circle the place where her office is


Read what Professor Urs says

Here you are! Thank you. Now I know how to bring animals back to my time.
Quick, jump into the time machine!

Read the three things you will learn in the next unit

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