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Answer the questions

  • Do you remember these people? What are their names?
  • Where did they meet?
  • Where is their date?

Answer the questions with the full sentences


1. Who writes first?
2. Who has a flat in north London?
3. Where does Darren live?
4. How old is Natasha?
5. How old is Darren?
6. Where does Natasha work?
7. What does Darren do?
8. What does Natasha like to do in her free time?
9. Who invites who for lunch?
10. Who doesn’t like burgers?
11. Who loves Japanese food?
12. What is Kiku and where is it?
13. When do they meet?

Put the words in the correct order to make sentences

Drag and drop words

Click on the word and drag it keeping the button pressed

Listen, check and repeat

Listen again and answer the questions

Choose the correct answer

You work for the Meeting People agency. Look at the form and make questions for the potential clients


Meeting people

Meet a partner who’s right for you

Listen and check

Listen and repeat the words and consonant sounds


Practise saying the sentences

1. [k] Karen likes coffee.
2. [g] Greta goes to golf classes.
3. [t] Tim eats out on Tuesdays.
4. [ʃ] Natasha likes sushi.
5. [ʒ] Mick usually watches television.
6. [r] Ricky reads Russian literature.

Ask your teacher questions to find out if you have a lot in common

Example: We have a lot in common, because you don’t smoke and I don’t smoke. Also…

1. / smoke?
2. / have a pet? What pet / have?
3. / play sport ? What sport / play?
4. What food / like?
5. What music / listen to?
6. What TV programme / watch?
7. What newspaper or magazine / read?

Choose a person you would like to tell about:

1. How old is he/she?
2. Where does he/she live?
3. Does he/she smoke?
4. Does your friend have a pet? What?
5. What sport does he/she do?
6. Does he/she drive a car?
7. What musical instrument does your friend play?
8. Does he/she speak English?
1. How old is he/she?
2. Where does he/she live?
3. Does your colleague have any children?
4. Does he/she wear glasses?
5. What sport does he/she like?
6. Does he/she smoke?
7. Does he/she drive a car?
8. Does he/she speak English?


Complete the conversation with do, does, is or are

R — Rob | M — Martina

Use the pictures to tell about Steve and Simon. What do they have in common?





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