Group lessons|T|El|U1|11. I’m lost, Google!

Look at the picture and choose the correct option


Tick the things you usually do when you are lost

Listen to the conversation and answer the questions


1. Is Simon’s granddad lost?
2. Can he ask for help or use his GPS?
3. Is Simon’s granddad near the pharmacy or the hospital?
4. What app has Simon got?
5. What does Simon need to do to help his granddad?

Match the lesson steps with the picture

Steps: the GPS tracking app | coordinates | granddad

Name the steps of the lesson, then click on the hotspot and check yourself

Order the words to make the commands for the app


Example: get / How / to the park? / I / can — How can I get to the park?

Mark the commands as Correct or Wrong. Correct the wrong commands


Turn over the cards and memorise the words


Choose the correct sentences

Listen to the GPS directions and make the collocations


Listen to the GPS directions again and order the sentences


Open the cards and do the task

Spin the wheel. Ask and answer about how you can get to a place in your city


— How do I get to the school?
— Go straight along Riverside Road. After the bridge, turn right. You are there!


traffic lights street corner crossroads bridge
zebra crossing go straight on go along the street cross on your left
on your right How do I get to…? Is there a petrol station near here?

Useful language

  • to turn left at …
  • to turn right at …
  • to turn left into …
  • to turn right into …
  • How can I find … ?

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