Homework | GE | B|| 12. English Around the World

It’s our birthday! / Это — наше День Рождения!


Read and choose the correct words / Прочитай и выбери правильные слова

B — Beth | S — Sally

B: We’re twelve years old today! It’s our birthday!

S: My presents are a bag and two CDs (Pixie Lott and Coldplay).

B: And my presents are an MP3 player and two Harry Potter books!

S: Our party’s at five o’clock. Our friends at the party are Cristina and Jorge (they’re from Argentina), Anna and Petros (they’re Greek), and Tim and Tara (they’re British). Our birthday cake is our favourite ice cream with strawberries. Yum!

We’re Italian / Мы — итальянцы


Complete the sentences / Составь предложения