Kids <8|Christmas time (Pre-Intermediate)

Holidays are coming

Solve the riddle

Watch the video and make your guess

Where is Santa?

Read the letter

pic1_Kids|Christmas time|Pre-Int











pic2_Kids|Christmas time|Pre-IntHo-ho-ho! Glad to see you, my friend!

Christmas is coming, but I’m so tired of all these presents, songs … I decided to have a vacation on the Bahamas!

How about being a Santa instead of me?

Complete all my daily duties.
Don’t forget to feed the reindeer and please don’t tell Mrs Claus where I am!

Good luck!

P.S The key from the house is in the snowman’s hat!

Santa Claus

Read the message and answer the questions

1. Where is Santa?
2. Why did he decide to go on vacation?
3. What kind of help do you think Santa needs?
4. What tasks will you need to complete to save Christmas?

Match the steps with the parts of the picture

Plan: Save Christmas


  • Secret prize;
  • Christmas symbols;
  • Important preparations;
  • Christmas spirit

Click on the hotspots with question mark and check yourself.

Christmas symbols

First of all, you need to learn all the Christmas symbols. Let’s check how well you know them!

Match the words with the definitions

Match the words with the pictures

Santa’s game

Read the rules and play the game


1. Choose the word from the previous task.

2. Turn the wheel and get the way to talk about it.

3. Let the teacher guess this word.

4. Then change your roles.

Create a new Christmas symbol and draw it

Fun preparations

Read the message, match the countries with Santa’s looks

pic1_Kids|Christmas time|Pre-Int

pic3_Kids|Christmas time|Pre-Int

One of the duties is to prepare clothes for Christmas. Will you cope with this task?

Look at the photos and express your opinion

pic4_Kids|Christmas time|Pre-Int
pic5_Kids|Christmas time|Pre-Int
pic6_Kids|Christmas time|Pre-Int

I prefer look № 1 / 2 / 3 / none because…

Useful language

?in my opinion
?no doubt
?I’m sure that
?on the one hand
?on the other hand

Gifts for everyone

Read the message. Watch the video and choose the correct option

pic1_Kids|Christmas time|Pre-Int

pic3_Kids|Christmas time|Pre-Int

Here’s one more challenge for you!

Every year Santa prepares presents for all children. Let’s see how you can deal with this task.

The guys are upset because they have got __________ presents.

  • terrible;
  • wonderful.
Answer: terrible

Watch the video messages and tick the correct options

Christmas game

Roll the dice and play the game

pic7_Kids|Christmas time|Pre-Int

Christmas advert

Watch the first part of an advert and make your guesses

  • What is going to happen next?

Watch the second part of the advert and answer the questions

1. How Mog saved Christmas?

2. Did the family celebrate the holiday after the accident?

3. Who shared Christmas with the family?

4. Do you agree with the statement: «Christmas is for sharing»? How do you understand it?

What I can do

Tick the things you have learnt today


7/christmas tree
12/candy cane

Useful language

?an angel
?a stocking