Kids <8|Welcome to Santa! (Elementary)

A visit to the North Pole

Watch a short video and discuss the questions

1. Who did you see in the video? Where does he live?
2. What holidays are coming soon?
3. Where are you going to celebrate the holidays this year?
4. What present do you want to get?

Watch the video and choose the answer

Reindeer friend

pic2_Kids|Welcome to Santa

Read the message, then draw the picture

pic3_Kids|Welcome to Santa

pic4_Kids|Welcome to SantaHo-ho-ho! Hello, my dear friend!
This year is very busy. I need to put everything in order at the factory, decorate the Christmas tree, and answer the children’s letters.
Also, yesterday I received a letter from Santa Clauses from other countries, they will visit me for Christmas. So I really need your help!
Today I am giving you the pass to Secret Santa’s Village.
Do all the tasks — and you will get a certificate of my official assistant.
There is someone who will help you with the tasks …

Use a special tool for drawing online!

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pic5_Kids|Welcome to Santa

Take a task

pic6_Kids|Welcome to Santa

Complete the table with seasons and their months in the correct order

pic7_Kids|Welcome to SantaHello, my friend! The calendar in our village is in a mess. Help Santa to put the holidays, seasons and months in the correct order.







Hang it all!

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Go through the labyrinth

pic8_Kids|Welcome to Santa

I am at a:

  • Santa’s kitchen;
  • decoration factory;
  • Christmas tree factory.

Answer: decoration factory

Match the words with the pictures

pic7_Kids|Welcome to SantaWelcome to your first destination — Deco-factory.
Here we make decorations, and then we decorate our village and homes. All the toys are mixed. Please, find their names to make an order.






I love games!

Read the instructions and play the memory game

pic7_Kids|Welcome to SantaI love games! Let’s play and check your concentration!


1. Open the cards one by one.

2. Find a pair to the word you open first.





Santa’s stuff

pic9_Kids|Welcome to Santa

Find Santa’s garage and order the things for Santa to do before Christmas

Use a special tool for drawing online!

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pic10_Kids|Welcome to Santa

I am at:

?shopping centre;
?sleigh factory;
?Santa’s garage.

Answer: Santa’s garage

pic7_Kids|Welcome to SantaThis is Santa’s garage. There are all the things he needs to fly and deliver presents to children. Order the things he should do before flying. All assistants have to remember these preparation steps to help Santa.






The day before Santa goes to deliver the presents, he prepares everything very carefully.

Presents for all

Read the message and do the task

pic7_Kids|Welcome to SantaWelcome to Santa’s Post office. He gets mail every day.
6 children wrote Santa letters a minute ago but they didn’t say what presents they wanted for Christmas.
They only said about their hobbies. Santa needs your advice on what to present them. Choose the best present for each child and say why.





Example: For a photographer it will be better to…

Santa’s letters

pic11_Kids|Welcome to Santa

Read the message and do the task

pic12_Kids|Welcome to SantaChildren have sent some questions to Santa. But he is very busy to answer now. Can you help him? I have prepared 2 types of answers for you.
Try to guess the correct ones.

And I’ll have some sleep.


Help with decorations

Complete the table and decorate Santa’s office

pic13_Kids|Welcome to SantaThank you so much for help, you completed all the tasks very well, congratulations!
There is one last thing I need from you — all Santas come to my office before Christmas. Please, help me to decorate my office, there is such a mess everywhere!






Choose a decoration style:

pic14_Kids|Welcome to Santa

Choose the decorations:

Choose the music to play in Santa’s office:




Useful language

?I would like to see … style in Santa’s office because …

?There will be …

?The colours I choose are …

?And also there will be … music.


pic15_Kids|Welcome to Santa

Read the message from Santa

pic16_Kids|Welcome to Santa

What I can do

pic17_Kids|Welcome to Santa


1/coloured lights
2/christmas bells
4/candy cane
5/Christmas stocking
6/Christmas wreath

Useful language: glass balls