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Mental math, coding and English

We form skills

for a successful future

Our main goal is to help develop competencies that will certainly be useful in the future for your kid to become successful in the most sought-after fields.

Also to identify inclinations and talents in order to choose the most appropriate area of ​​professional development

We create educational methods and teaching materials of the future, using technology and the experience of renowned global experts.

Our courses help to develop  intelligence

Soft skills

The speed of calculations and the development of memory will help to quickly assimilate any information

Must-have skills

Fundamentals of programming, design and painting of those other professions of the future

From babies to graduates

The lessons are explained in a language appropriate to the student’s age. For children it is fun and understandable, for older boys it is business.

We develop critical thinking and creativity, pump emotional intelligence and learn to work independently and in a team

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Mental math

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How the courses are built

Video + interactive notebook + teacher

The teachers explain in easy way – even the students of the younger classes will be able to do it on their own

Everything you need is already included

You don’t need to buy anything, all the necessary materials are already included in the course – sign up and start learning

Exciting quests instead of school routine

We use game mechanics, take into account the interests of the child, lead to goals without clutter and unnecessary writing

Atlas of professions as a gift

The atlas will help the child understand the professions of the future and choose one of the directions of development

Who inspires us

Daniel Kahneman

Psychologist, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Economics “for the application of psychological methods in economic science”

Elon Musk

Founder, CEO and Chief Engineer of SpaceX; CEO and Chief Ideator of Tesla

Havrysh Iren

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor, scientific supervisor of the “Intellect” project

Neil Degrasse Tyson

Scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, traveler.

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    Mental arithmetic allows you to perform arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and even rooting with the help of an abacus. Children learn the calculation process using specially designed formulas. When the children have completed learning to count with the abacus, they initially begin to imagine it in. This way, the process of mental calculation begins.
    🧮It probably sounds complicated, but the abacus has quite simple structure – it consists of an odd number of vertical strings. Each string represents a digit and holds 5 beads.
    🧠The main advantage of using an Abacus is the ability to perform arithmetic operations on the mind as the calculations are performed with two hands, developing the work of both hemispheres of the brain.
    ⚠️Don’t forget! To achieve good results in mental arithmetic:
    ✅ The child have to master all rules for using an abacus;
    ✅ Daily training is essential to improve already acquired skills in mental arithmetic;